4 Pillars To Hack The Consumer Decision Making Process:  Poltio No-Code Interactive Tools

This is Poltio

Where we help the world’s top brands access, engage and learn from their users with self-identified data through interactive contents.

I can hear you asking yourself how we do this?

Consumer Decision Making Process: Gather Real Time Self-Identified Zero Party Data 

Poltio’s built-in no-code interactive tools that are visually fully customizable enables you to gather real time self-identified, zero party data and unbiased insights.  

You can boost your ROI while creating segments and personas selecting the right tool such as smart surveys, engaging tests and quizzes or product / gift finders. 

Consumer Decision Making Process: Customer Journey 

Product finders not only guide customer’s shopping but they also provide a superior experience and elevates the customer journey with guided selling.

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