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Decathlon Case Study: Transforming Post-Purchase Journey

“Innovating Post-Purchase Experience: Decathlon and Poltio Collaboration for the Digital Sports Coach Project”


This white paper explores the collaborative effort between Decathlon and Poltio in reimagining the post-purchase customer journey. Utilizing innovative methods to gain deep insights into their customers’ sports-related preferences and habits. The objective was to engage customers effectively without overwhelming them and to ensure high survey completion rates. 

The main focus of this collaboration was: 

  1. Post-purchase page activation: This feature ensures that the post-purchase page becomes active after a user completes a purchase.
  2. Engaging/Gamified data collection: Collects data in the most engaging format possible. By using interactive elements and creative gamified experiences, it encourages users to provide valuable insights and feedback, resulting in more accurate and meaningful data.
  3. Repeat purchase trigger: The aim is to trigger repeat purchases. Providing a seamless and enjoyable post-purchase experience, such as offering exclusive discounts after the survey, encourages customers to make additional purchases and fosters brand loyalty.

This in-depth gamified survey was made more relatable through the use of a digital sports coach character. These three benefits work together to enhance the overall user experience, gather valuable data and insights, and drive customer loyalty and repeat purchases. 


Decathlon, a leading global sports equipment and apparel company, wanted to deepen their understanding of their customer’s preferences and behaviors related to sports. To accomplish this, Decathlon collaborated with Poltio a SaaS platform known for its end-to-end product discovery and innovative survey solutions. The goal was to create a unique and engaging survey experience. 

The challenge was twofold: designing a survey that would capture and maintain respondents’ interest and extracting meaningful insights from the collected data. In this case study, we explore the innovative survey approach taken by Decathlon and Poltio, focusing on the development of the digital sports coach and achieve impressive results.


The dual purpose set this approach apart. As the customer engaged, their CRM data was enriched, providing Decathlon with a well-rounded customer profile. And the cherry on top? At the end of this unique engagement, customers were presented with a promo code for their next purchase, incentivizing their subsequent purchase.

The Digital Sports Coach

In order to engage Decathlon’s customers in a conversational and interactive manner, Poltio introduced the concept of a “digital sports coach.” This coach posed questions and facilitated the survey, making the process more engaging and enjoyable for respondents. Decathlon was able to not only gather valuable insights but also fostered a deeper connection with its customers, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

High Engagement and Participation Rates

The initiative was very successful, with a high level of engagement and participation. Approximately 70% of Decathlon’s customers who received the survey invitation opened it, indicating that the digital sports coach effectively captured their attention. Furthermore, an impressive 91% of respondents completed the entire survey, demonstrating a strong level of commitment and satisfaction.

Deep Insights for Decathlon

The wealth of data collected through this innovative approach provided Decathlon with invaluable insights into its customer base. The survey delved into various aspects of customers’ sports experiences, including:

  1. Types of sports they engage in and want to begin.
  2. Whether they have children.
  3. The ages of their children.
  4. Their overall involvement in sports activities.

These insights allowed Decathlon to tailor its offerings and marketing strategies to better align with its customers’ preferences and needs.

55% Re-Order Within 30 Days

Measuring Success 

Re-Order (55%)

The star metric of this collaboration was the impressive 55% of users who reordered Decathlon products within 30 days of completing the survey. This indicates a strong correlation between survey participation and customer retention, showcasing the tangible benefits of understanding customers on a deeper level.

Return on Investment (3.1 ROI)

The success of the Decathlon-Poltio collaboration extended beyond customer retention. The ROI for this initiative stood at an impressive 3.1, demonstrating the significant value generated through enhanced customer understanding and engagement.

E-Mail Click Rate (722%)

Email Click Rate (722%)

The email was sent to the micro audience gained from the digital sports coach survey, and received 722% more clicks compared to the average of other parent-targeted emails sent during the same campaign period


In an era where online shopping experiences often conclude with a basic ‘Thank You’ page, Decathlon adopted a unique approach. They collaborated with Poltio to introduce the ‘Digital Sports Coach’, a gamified survey that customers can conveniently complete after making a purchase. This survey provided valuable insights and kept customers engaged.

The Digital Sports Coach initiative aimed to improve the post-purchase experience by collecting engaging and gamified data. It also included a repeat purchase trigger to encourage customer loyalty. Exclusive discounts offered after completing the survey further increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In the Decathlon-Poltio collaboration, 55% of users reordered Decathlon products within 30 days of completing the survey, showcasing the benefits of understanding customers on a deeper level. The ROI for this initiative was 3.1, demonstrating the value of enhanced customer understanding and engagement. The collaboration also resulted in a remarkable 722% increase in email click rates compared to similar parent-targeted emails during the campaign period.

This collaboration highlights the importance of customer-centric strategies. By understanding customer needs and preferences, Decathlon strengthened its connection with customers, leading to increased reorders and a significant return on investment.

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