eBay Customer Engagement Content

Brands that want to activate their followers on social media use many strategies. One of the best ways to do this is to create content strategies to engage the target audience.

Brands that create an interactive content strategy both activate their target audience and the brand can capture unique insights with the answers given to the questions of the users participating in the content.

With the test of how to decorate your home according to your favorite TV series, which eBay has set up specifically for the decoration category, users experienced a content in which they can take an active role instead of simple home decoration sales communication, and in line with the answers they gave, they encountered the most suitable decoration products for them on the result screen.

Check out the example!

First-party data, which cannot be provided by any data provider, are collected by asking users directly, questions such as do you have a garden or balcony, which are asked to the users who participated in the test, and it aims to increase sales rates by personalizing the marketing communication it will make to the brand target audience.

With interactive content with high organic participation, brands not only segment their users by making an unusual communication but also improve the experience of users because the product offered to them is a personalized recommendation.

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