Hadise Kert Collection Product Finder / eBay

Famous Turkish singer Hadise launched her own clothing line “Kert” on eBay. Users answered a few style and lifestyle questions on Poltio’s embedded Product Finder to be shown the perfect match from the collection.

Users are asked questions on the sales screen.

Answers are gathered and analyzed by Poltio’s algorithm.

Users are directed to the most suitable items from the collection.

Users’ insights on their style, habits, color selection, and more enabled the realization of a detailed segmentation effort. 

Polito’s Product Finder campaigns for e-commerce help users experience in-person shopping online. 

Polito’s Product Finder is known to increase important e-commerce metrics such as:

Increase in sales conversions.

Increase in CTR.

Personalized shopping experience.

A thorough analysis of user data.

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