How ideal XML should be structured

How ideal XML should be structured?

Best practices for XML structure

Let’s find answers to questions such as how the ideal XML format we use in Product Finder content types should be, what should be added, which attribute should be used!

What is Product Finder / Product Quiz?

Product Finder is a Poltio content type that asks the user questions about the product they are looking for, adds filters according to their answers and recommends the most ideal product. The answer to the question “So how does it recommend these products?” is through XML. We add filters with the attributes in the XML we receive from the customer and recommend the most accurate products from the narrowing product scale. For this reason, it is very important that the number of attributes in the ideal XML where the features of the product are added is high.

Ideal XML and Result Page

In order to show the product on the result page we recommend, certain attributes must be in XML. The name, image and description of the product are very important for the user to recognise the product. Therefore, it is mandatory to have image, title, description, id, url attributes in XML. Products that do not contain these attributes do not appear on the dashboard even if they are in XML.


Tips For The Title And Description!

Title attribute should not be left blank or filled with product code. A short and understandable title should be chosen for the user to recognise the product. 

Brief information about the product should be given in the description. In order not to create a scroll on the result page and to provide a good experience to the user, a description of maximum 255 characters should be created.


Which Attribute Should Be Added?

In order to activate filters while recommending products, we need to have appropriate attributes in XML. For example, if we are going to create a product finder for a refrigerator, the main attributes of the refrigerator such as volume, freezer space, width, color should be added in XML.

In addition, technological features such as a breakfast drawer, deodorisation, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, fast freezing should also be added to the XML.


To summarize, the features and technologies of the product should be added to XML as attributes.

Valid XML 

When attribute tags are not closed, when attribute names containing Turkish characters are used, XML is invalid and gives an error in the dashboard we use. Therefore, it is very important that the XML is valid.

Example of invalid XML whose tags are not closed:


Links are very important for directing the user from the result page to the product detail. Product URL and Image URL length should not exceed 255 characters and should be added correctly.

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