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How to Maximize the Use of Data Generated by a Recommendation Quiz?

Recommendation Quiz as a Data Source

A recommendation quiz is a high-quality source for collecting customer data. There’s a strong, mutually beneficial value exchange (time vs. personalized recommendation): Customers voluntarily share detailed information about themselves with the brand in order to get a better product recommendation.

Quality of Data Accumulated by a Recommendation Quiz

In a recommendation quiz, customers engage in a similar exchange as they would with a sales representative in a physical store. This voluntary interaction eliminates any motivation to provide dishonest responses. Better data results in better recommendations.

Types of Data That Can Be Accumulated by a Recommendation Quiz 

Data accumulated by a product quiz can be used to:

1. Create and understand customer personas

2. Build addressable (remarketable) segments

3. Enrich/create CRM data

4. Measure/optimize performance

5. Generate detailed (and ongoing) insights

How to Create, Validate, and Understand Customer Personas using a Recommendation Quiz?

Customers engaging with a recommendation quiz are asked key questions about their profiles and needs. The goal is to improve recommendations by understanding user needs and gathering valuable data. They come directly from the customer, about the customer. You can use them to understand and create customer personas.

For example: To recommend air conditioners effectively, ask about use, region, room size, occupants, and floor. These are all valid data inputs that you can use for a good recommendation.

Then, using these answers, you can also come up with customer personas, such as commercial customers vs. personal use customers, large real estate vs. small room, and regional segments, among others.

How to Build a Remarketing Strategy Around a Recommendation Quiz?

Each answer a customer gives to a product quiz is a data point that can be used for precise remarketing. Remarketing actions include personalized communication via email, text, or ads. When recommending furniture, ask about artistic styles, room, and color preferences. By targeting a customer seeking a minimalist black table for the living room, brands can deliver precise ads that match their criteria.

How to Leverage the Data Generated by a Recommendation Quiz to Enhance CRM/CDP Database?

Many brands are investing in growing their CRM databases, which usually consist of PII (name, contact information, address, etc.) and behavioral data (the products that the customer purchased, products they checked out, etc.). By examining the customer’s footsteps, brands then try to build segments on top of this data.

Using the data from guided selling modules, you can enrich the existing customer data that you have with self-identified, zero-party data coming from quiz interactions. If a customer uses a gift recommender quiz and mentions that they’re looking for a gift for their child, you can add that to their profile.

Using a Product Quiz to Better Understand and Measure Traffic Sources and Mediums

Brands track marketing success through metrics like bounce rate, time on site, products checked, and sales conversion across multiple channels.However, there is no effective way to measure more characteristic traits per channel.

All examples given above can be measured per channel. For the brand selling air conditioners, using product quiz engagement, they can define the percentage of commercial buyers versus individual buyers, regional split, and real estate size/household size, all per channel.

How to Position Your Product Quiz as an Ongoing Source for Insight Generation?

Product recommendation quizzes are very engaging content pieces, but at the same time, they are also surveys. They are not only surveys, but they are surveys you can match with purchase data. You can use a product quiz to understand in-depth your customer personas and for each persona, the SKUs in which they are interested.

Another important aspect to consider is that product quizzes are a source of ongoing data. They are not surveys that take a snapshot of a given time. They are always-on widgets that result in constant data inflow. This gives a brand the chance to track various metrics over time and occasionally add/remove questions on specific issues to gather additional insights. 

In conclusion, recommendation quizzes are an excellent source of high-quality customer data that can be used to create and understand customer personas, build addressable segments, enrich CRM data, measure and optimize performance, and generate detailed and ongoing insights.

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