How to define customer personas with trust?

Interactive Customer Lifecycle Journey

Brand – customer trust is one of the most important criteria in defining consumer satisfaction and brand perception today and represents the most fundamental factor in purchasing something.

Image of the brand is critical, businesses, especially e-commerce companies in today’s digital world, should pay special attention to this issue.

Impact of Brand Image on Customer Lifecycle?

Brand image is a phenomenon that significantly affects consumers’ thoughts, impressions, ideas and feelings about a brand, and as a result, sales.

In other words, it is how consumers perceive and interpret the brand’s identity, and since it also depends on personal experience. It may affect positively or negatively depending on the experience of the consumers.

So, at this point, the service they receive is significantly critical. Therefore, working to increase customer satisfaction will provide a better brand image and higher customer lifetime value.

One should never forget the important difference between brand image and identity:

  • Brand identity is the study of how the brand is seen by others.
  • Brand image, on the other hand, is how consumers see the brand, as stated above.

Understanding the Customer

Just as people experience other perspectives through empathy, brands actually need this. Knowing how the experience is realized, especially by going to the customer side, offers a versatile perspective for marketers instead of focusing on how to market the product on their side.

For successful marketing strategies, first of all, the brand journey of the customers should be understood correctly. The first step in the customer journey begins with identifying and researching the customer’s needs.

All the steps taken to create happy customers need to meet their needs and visualize how they can act.

Creating a Buyer Persona (Customer Character) variant and drawing a customer map to define the steps it will take is among the leading methods for the journey.

Creating a Customer Map

Customer mapping is an important method used to improve the user experience, while at the same time it charts the interaction of consumers with the brand’s products and services.

The most important step that brands should take here is to help the brand understand its customers by visualizing and experiencing questions such as “what would I do if I were my customer, what would I like the products to be like, would I buy their services”. This approach can enable brands to identify with customers by constantly questioning and brainstorming.

Customer maps

  1. Customer maps are great for changing customer attitude throughout the customer lifecycle and for the brand to also experience the marketing steps, empathize and see where it went wrong and where it followed the right strategy.
  2. It charts the brand route of the user experience in the customer journey and presents the problems that the consumer may encounter and personalized experiences.

Focus on the Customer Journey

Focusing on the customer journey provides clues as to how the brand can be experienced through the eyes of the customer.

In these processes, the customer life cycle, the emotional brand journey, the brand channels used, the ways of interaction and the points where the brand touches the customer are analyzed in detail.

At this point, healthy data can be obtained by using many data such as customer satisfaction measurements, analytics and surveys.

As a result of these points asking the right question through the right channels at the right moment is clearly critical. Because the results of the analyzes that you do not make correctly within the customer, brand, service triangle can cost you bad results.

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