Product Finder Using Instagram Story Area

With Poltio’s Product Finder, engage your users on Instagram Stories – without having them directed to another screen or tab. Users are shown survey content on Instagram Stories, and according to their replies, they are directed to any landing page of choice.

LisaLina users completed the survey to find the most suitable LisaLina product for them. Lisa Lisa, on the other hand, captured unique insights with questions such as users’ status, their style picks, etc, enabling detailed segmentation of the customer base for more customized product offers. It was a win-win for both the user experience and the sales.

With Poltio’s Product Finder, brands can also display customized product offers to their social media followers based on their answers.

Polito’s Product Finder, helps brands position their social media channels as active sales channels, and expand their leads by analyzing user replies, where it’s not possible to do so with such insights from third-party data providers such as Facebook or Google.

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