Special Day Campaigns

Special days have always been a race for differentiation brands. All brands aim to increase their sales targets by offering discounts to their users with unique offers in order to stand out from their competitors. However, the number of brands that can actually achieve this is few because users do not find ordinary communications on special days and simple campaign discounts interesting.

Brands that keep up with this change in the developing communication and marketing world will continue to stay alive and will be rewarded by their users. 

One of the simplest ways to differentiate communications made on special days is to prepare a highly interactive test or quiz content that will mobilize users.

Brands that prefer interactive gift finder setups with a high interaction rate instead of ordinary communication on special days offer a different communication to their users than their competitors, and the conversion rate of users who participate in the prepared test to sales is higher than a standard advertisement or discount setup.

The eBay blog was used as a direct sales tool, by answering the questions asked by participating in the gift finder content and segmenting the user audience with the gift finder special for the undecided people.

Unique insights are captured by segmenting the target audience with questions to recognize the users asked in the quiz content, and the products recommended to the users who answer the questions perform better than the normal sales process.

Users who voluntarily participate in the content knows that they will be offered a product at the end of the quiz, so they can answer all questions transparently and find the most suitable product for them.

With the gift finder designed for Decathlon on Valentine’s Day, users were segmented by learning the relationship status of the users and their spouses’ interest in sports, who answered the questions correctly and transparently to find the most suitable product they were looking for.

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