TazeDirekt Onboarding Process

Onboarding Setups have become the number one solution for brands to overcome challenges they face in understanding and segmenting their users. 

TazeDirekt designed an onboarding survey on Poltio to segment the users and capture insights via mobile app sign-ups. Users took a short survey while signing up for the app, where their answers revealed different stats such as demographics, buying behavior, and eating habits.

TazeDirekt gathered info and insights on what products it should market via the app login survey, and also had the opportunity to personalize marketing comms to drive more sales.

Onboarding Setup is created with Polito’s no-code widgets that can be integrated into the web, apps, or any other platform with ease. 

Polito’s Onboarding Setups are here for brands looking to capture unique insights, improve user experience and differentiate from their competitors, all with enhancing marketing comms derived from these insights.

Contact Poltio to create onboarding setups for your brand, and start creating added value with data today. banu@poltio.com