Discover How Yves Rocher Improves Customer Experience and Enhances E-commerce KPIs.

Yves Rocher E-Commerce Case Study


In a groundbreaking collaboration, Yves Rocher, a leading beauty and skincare brand, joined forces with Poltio, a SaaS end-to-end solution to embed a product quiz on its website. This Yves Rocher case study delves into the outcomes of this collaboration, showcasing remarkable results that demonstrate the power of engaging and interactive widgets to increase conversion rates.

The integration of the Poltio product quiz on Yves Rocher’s website led to significant improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs), resulting increase in conversion rates, customer retention, and overall sales.


To achieve this goal, the primary objective of this collaboration was to enhance Yves Rocher’s online shopping experience. In addition, it aimed to increase customer engagement and ultimately drive more sales and increase conversion rates. By leveraging the interactive capabilities of Poltio’s product quiz, Yves Rocher aimed to create a personalized shopping journey for its customers. Consequently, this would lead to improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Yves Rocher also aimed to better understand their users and their shopping habits. This included the types of products they purchase and the kind of shopper they are. They were able to gain valuable insights with the help of Poltio’s product quiz.


Yves Rocher and Poltio collaborated to create a product quiz that recommends skincare and beauty products based on individual needs and preferences. This quiz was designed to help achieve their objectives. The quiz was strategically placed on Yves Rocher’s website to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility to visitors.


Increase in conversion rate and average transactional amount, decrease in bounce rate

One of the most valuable aspects of this collaboration for Yves Rocher was the ability to capture data and create customer personas. They gained insights into customers’ sun protection habits as well as their skin types and concerns. This information will be important in creating future marketing campaigns tailored to individual customers. Ultimately, this will result in a higher return on investment and long-term success.

yves rocher case study
Increase in Conversion Rate

108% Increase in ecommerce Conversion Rate

Additionally, the introduction of the product quiz resulted in a substantial 108% increase in Yves Rocher’s ecommerce conversion rate. By offering personalized product recommendations based on customers’ unique responses to the test. The brand was able to convert more website visitors into satisfied customers. Consequently, this led to increased online sales.

yves rocher case study
Decrease in Bounce Rate

4.40% Decrease in Category Bounce Rate

The interactive nature of the product quiz captivated users and kept them engaged with the website for a longer duration. As a result, Yves Rocher experienced a remarkable 4.40% decrease in bounce rate. The reduction in bounce rate signifies an improved user experience and a higher level of interest and satisfaction among visitors.

yves rocher case study
Increase in Transaction Amount

Increase of 27% in Average Transaction Amount

Additionally, the interactive product quiz allowed Yves Rocher to showcase premium and high end products to customers who were genuinely interested in such offerings. This led to a notable 27% increase in the average price of items purchased. As a result, it positively impacted the brand’s profitability.

Insight Generation & Customer Segments

One of the most valuable aspects of this collaboration for Yves Rocher was the ability to capture zero party data. Also the ability to create customer personas. They gained insights into customers’ sun protection habits as well as their skin types and concerns. This information will be instrumental in the development of future personalized marketing campaigns. The result will be a greater return on investment and long-term success.

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The successful collaboration between Yves Rocher and Poltio showed the power of AI-powered product Quizzes. Enhancing the online shopping experience and increase conversion rates. It also drove business growth.

Yves Rocher embedded the Poltio product test on its website, resulting in a significant increase in the ecommerce conversion rate. Additionally, it sucseed impressive results. Such as a decrease in bounce rate, higher customer loyalty, and an overall increase in sales and revenue. This case study serves as a proof to the importance of collaboration and innovation. Also shows the importance of staying ahead in the competitive world of ecommerce.

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