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How Can You Elevate Your Customer Journey: Guided Selling Solutions

“Beauty and cosmetics products have always been one of the most popular e-commerce niches. It has been around for many decades, and throughout the years it has seen tremendous growth in terms of innovations, technologies, and products. As the rest of the world continues to move towards online shopping, the beauty and cosmetics industry is also achieving higher online sales growth rates. To put it into perspective, in 2022, the beauty & personal care market is expected to generate $564,438 million in revenue. According to Statista, the market will increase at a 4.7% annual rate (CAGR 2022-2026) and by 2022, online sales will account for 25.4% of the total revenue within the industry.” (Source: Inveon) 

The fact that market volume is increasing so does the search for a better customer journey. Staying ahead of the competition with Guided Selling solutions like no code Product Finder and Product Quiz can aid your consumers by directing them to the personalized results. (Source: Inveon)

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Product Recommendation Engine to Assist Decision Making: Turn Complex Features into Easy Decisions

The variety of cosmetic products is wide and it’s hard to find what you are looking for online. Customers always try to find the best match with their lifestyle. No code Product Recommendation engine such as Product Quiz/Product Finder works good for providing a systematic way to select detailed specifications and address needs. 

Perfume and eau de cologne, makeup cosmetics, skin care cosmetics, hair care products, special purpose products, all categories have complex products and so many different specifications. Most of the consumers sweat to choose the right product. For example: Do you know your skin type or which products are best for you in summer / winter? Which products should you use if you have skin problems like eczema or dandruff?

You can translate complex features into consumers’ language with no code Product Finder / Product Quiz.  You can also understand their needs/habits and get insights and give personalized recommendations in seconds. 

With Guided Selling Solutions you can also use AI to make smarter recommendations. It learns from real experiences like a sales consultant and recommends you the most preferred products. All this 7/24 transparent journey will strengthen consumers’ buying decisions. You can also use them in-store with interactive screens to add additional support on your ground sales.

Where To Position No Code Product Finder / Product Quiz to Increase ROI: Product Recommendation Engine

Designing the product finder is important to increase ROI but also is the module’s positioning.  Accessibility is key. 

1-Owned Assets ( Responsive, No-code, Embed easily w/  i-frame) 

Product finder with owned assets
  • App
  • Web
  • Mweb

2-Owned Channels

Guided selling owned channels
  • Mail
  • Push Notifications
  • Pop Ups
  • Messages
  • QR codes

3- Paid Media 

Consumer electronics e-commerce and social media selling
  • IG (Native Experience) 
  • Online Media Channels ( Responsive, No-code, Embed easily w/  i-frame) 
  • TV (Adding QR code to commercials)

Positioning No Code Product Finder / Product Quiz: Owned Assets Paid Media

Utilizing owned assets such as on–site and in-app is critical.  Product finders in each category should be placed directly in the related category’s product feed page. It shouldn’t disturb the selling journey, in contrast it should return the non buying customers to guided buyers.  Completion rates of Poltio guided selling widgets are over %70 and the ROI according to the regular sales funnel is +%60. 

Ex:  Some of our customers show product quizzes / product finders as pop ups to the consumers who don’t take any action for 40 seconds or customers who check out more than 3 products in a specific category. Only this action results in a 2 fold increase in engagement rate and ROI.  

Guided selling is a tool to differentiate from competition, it is no code and embeddable in all digital mediums. So why not use it in different paid channels to maximize ROI and bring first time buyers? It is far more interesting than regular campaigns and brings 4X CTR.

You Can Create Micro Segments With Zero Party Data

With Guides Selling tools such as Product Finders you can collect zero party data and most importantly leverage it effectively. Even though the third party cookies is about to die, first party cookies will still exist and there will still be opportunities for relevant advertising. 

Zero party data is the data that is self identified by the consumer. Collected with consent. It’a direct interaction and builds trust. On the other hand, first party data provides insight into your audience. You can combine the information you get with transactional and behavioral data to provide personalization for a winning marketing campaign. 

This is why we call it the data revolution! 

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