MediaMarkt Insider Case Study

Pushing Boundaries in e-commerce: Insider and Poltio Joining Forces for Dynamic Real-Time Strategies & Guided Selling 


In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, where consumer decisions shape success and the key to this success lies in understanding and addressing the needs of indecisive users. Insider and Poltio, two industry leaders, have joined forces to create a unique solution for their mutual customer MediaMarkt: “The dynamic banner”.  The objective was to establish innovative, new pathways for the customer journey and a seamless and informed shopping for the decision-making process. This white paper explores the transformative impact of their partnership, specifically focusing on the dynamic banner and product finder designed to assist indecisive users in the mobile phone and television categories. 


In the implementation of this collaborative initiative between Insider and Poltio, an integrated product finder was designed to enhance the decision-making process for users, utilizing a strategic questioning approach to extract relevant information. Specifically, users were engaged with a series of meticulously crafted questions (examples could include queries about preferences, specifications, or intended use) aimed at refining their product preferences. 

The Integrated Product Finder seamlessly navigated through the extensive product catalog, utilizing the collected user data to generate tailored recommendations. The process involved an algorithm that assessed user responses to align their needs with the most suitable products from the catalog. 

Furthermore, the Insider banner was strategically deployed to optimize visibility among the target audience. Through a dynamic and sophisticated approach, the banner was presented to the right users at the opportune moments, enhancing its overall impact. This dynamic presentation ensured that the Insider banner reached its intended audience effectively, contributing to the success of the collaborative efforts. 

In essence, the methodology involved a harmonious integration of the Poltio Product Finder through the Insider banner, combining strategic questioning and dynamic visibility to provide users with personalized and timely product recommendations.

MediaMarkt Case Study

Section 1: Mobile Phone Category Transformation

1.1 Dynamic Solutions for Indecision:

In the mobile phone category, Insider and Poltio strategically implemented a dynamic banner in the category page directing to the product finder, a solution aimed at guiding indecisive users through their decision-making journey.

1.2 Conversion Surge with Poltio Funnel: 309% 

Users navigating through the Poltio Product Finder funnel experienced a remarkable e-commerce conversion rate, marking a substantial 309% increase compared to the average CR of the site.

Section 2: Television Category Revolution

2.1 Tailored Assistance with Dynamic Banners:

In the television category, a similar approach was undertaken, with Insider and Poltio introducing a dynamic banner on the category page within the product finder to assist indecisive users.

2.2 Banner Engagement Statistics:

Statistics revealed that 3% of users in the TV category visitors engaged with the dynamic banner, highlighting its effectiveness in capturing user attention and interest.

Of those who interacted with the banner, an impressive 70% proceeded to engage with the product finder, emphasizing its seamless integration into the user journey.

Initially, there was a completion rate exceeding 89%. Adding this could be beneficial, as it demonstrates that we asked correct and relevant questions, proving that the work added value to the customer, and so on.

2.3 TV Conversion Stats: 260%

During the period from September 20 to October 15, users who clicked on recommendations from the Poltio product finder in the TV category experienced an outstanding e-commerce conversion rate, marking a remarkable 260% increase over the site’s overall rate. 

2.4 Price and Performance Harmony:  120% Increase in Average Sale Price 

Simultaneously, the average sale price of TVs sold through the funnel of product finder during this period experienced a significant surge to the site’s average sale price, indicating a noteworthy 120% increase. Offering the correct product often results in increased Average Selling Price (ASP), despite the perception of higher costs. 

Insider Case Study


The collaboration between Insider and Poltio is not just a partnership but a strategic alliance that is redefining the decision-making process and creating alternative areas. Through dynamic banners and product finders, indecisive users in both mobile phone and television categories are guided seamlessly, resulting in unprecedented increases in conversion rates and average sale prices. 

This white paper serves as a testament to the innovative prowess and transformative potential of the Insider and Poltio collaboration, setting new standards for e-commerce excellence. Elevating the customer experience through guided selling solutions and real-time marketing.

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