Bring the In Store Experience to Online: Increase Conversion Rate

Pandemic has forever changed how people shop and dramatically sped up the shift to online.  Most barriers are broken.
brand and loyalty
In total, 75% of US consumers have tried a new shopping behavior and over a third of them (36%) have tried a new product brand. Online or physical, consumers will always try to find the perfect product – perfect for their choice when they are shopping.  When you enter a physical store, with the help of the sales representatives you can learn the functionalities and access the product you need. However, this is not the case in e-commerce, which has become the center of our lives especially in a pandemic. At this point, an online product finder can be designed to help a customer, similar to a sales representative. E-commerce product finders can easily find the best product(s) for each individual customer’s needs among thousands of them. Basically, the product finder asks the customer a series of questions to recommend the best matching product.  Using product finders you can create “a great online customer journey” with no code and zero integration

Guided Selling With New Generation SaaS Product / Service Finders

Online shopping can become a personal experience!

Product finders not only guide a customer’s shopping, but they also provide a superior experience.  Elevating the customer journey through:
Machine Learning
Analyzing and leveraging data
Online shoppers are open for sharing data in return of personal experience.

How to  guide your consumers with online product finders (PF) in 10 steps!

  1. Think like them
  2. Help them achieve their goals, be friendly
  3. Transform incoherent product specifications into lifestyle wordings/choices
  4. Use clean/guiding visuals
  5. Put their benefits first
  6. Place the PF in the right place
  7. Product information-based questions (This is not a survey!)
  8. Make sure of the stock or make it dynamic
  9. Custom product finders bring higher conversions
  10. Analyze your data and upgrade your PF constantly

Which Product Finder is the Best For You & Your Consumers?

Multi / Singular Product Finder

Suggested for selection between up to 10 products / services. ·  Upload your product infos to Poltio’s interface ·  Create questions ·  Assign relationship scores between answer options and each product Module will select the product with the highest relationship score based on each user’s answers. For example see here an experience making a recommendation about skincare. The module makes a selection between a set of pre-defined recommendations, based on the users answers.

Smart Result Page Finder

·  Requires 0 integration. Uses existing categories and filters on the site by creating dynamic custom URLs based on user answers. ·  Each answer can trigger one or more categories. ·  Conditional questions can be added to the flow triggering special filters. ·  Calculator module can also be integrated to the flow trigger score based filters. See here an example we built on Etsy – who is not a Poltio client – to show that the module really requires no integration.

Dynamic Product Finder

Match your customers with the ideal products! Easily sync up your product info with Poltio: ·  You can upload your products and all details related to them to our system using our CSV template, ·  You can sync your real-time product XML or Json feeds with different attributes to our platform, Poltio’s product finder (modular widget) will use answers from your customers to make a smart search and recommend the most fitting products for each user and recommend up to 5 products, ordered by match score.

Analyze, Analyze, Analyze!

Beginning from the day one, the consumers will be interacting with your product finder and you should start analyzing the data from dashboards. You can turn your data into actionable insights. Poltio data scientists can always help you if you need to make assumptions about the data. Get started for free at Book a demo with us at