Consumer Behavior : How to collect zero party data

Effective Methods to Better Data Collection

In today’s world, where technology is rapidly developing, businesses also try to bring their brands to the forefront by taking advantage of the latest technology. To achieve this, they follow different ways to highlight their services or products and reach their potential customers. This blog will look at how to collect consumer data behaviour and the most effective methods.

Interactive content is one of the organic user feedback methods to collect data about their products and services or to launch a new product. However, collecting data with these surveys is not always as easy as it seems. Here’s what you need to do to reach more users with a more fun survey strategy:

  • Fun and engaging questions
  • Make easy to find out any product or service
  • Ideal onboarding flow
  • Ongoing engagement strategy

Fun and Engaging Questions

Make You Feel Conversational: Make questions more fun by asking questions in a friendly and approachable manner. Choose interesting, intriguing, specific questions and topics, and make it feel like you’re talking face-to-face with the respondent.

Gamify: Games allow people to focus. Take advantage of this and try to set up a game between the survey questions. For example, you can create a test with a personal result. She/He will be very curious about what will come out as a result, so she/he will answer all questions clearly and accurately.

Design and Style: Never underestimate the power of design. Contrary to popular belief, correctly designed questionnaires are much easier to fill out. Think about it this way, would you like to tick off the black boxes written on a white sheet or fill out a colourful questionnaire with different patterns and images?

So always take advantage of visuals and modern designs. Also, be careful to use any element that will remind the user of your brand, such as your brand colours and logo in your designs.

Technical Compliance: Today, most users prefer mobile phones or small, functional screens. Be careful to catch the responsive design between the screen sizes in the survey you create. Take care to design accordingly.

Make it easy to find any product

Like your physical store, your online store doesn’t have salespeople. The product or service itself is essentially its own salesperson. Therefore, your product must be capable of self-marketing. How Does? Here are a few tips:

Image: Visuality plays a significant role in marketing. Therefore, your product images should be clear, comprehensible, and diverse. Avoid using stock images; use original product images.

Explanations: Never ignore the parts of the reason; explanations are like saviours at the point where the visual cannot answer. Take care to give detailed answers to as many questions as possible, such as technical details, essential points, and elements to be considered in these explanations.

Offer Useful Choices: Always present relevant and practical choices to your users. Avoid juxtaposing unrelated things.

Address All: In short, be universal. Although you focus on the local customer, you really need to reach your potential customers on a global scale. Because logistics services have also developed with technology.

Ideal onboarding flow for your business:

One crucial point that ensures a brand’s sustainability is getting to know it well while becoming a member.

In addition to knowing your target audience well, there are many situations that you should pay attention to while recruiting members. Interest in your brand is just one of them. That’s why you should ask questions to get impactful answers and get to know the person in front of you in your membership recruitment.

  • Make you feel that you have adopted a customer-oriented working principle rather than a product-oriented working approach.
  • Always be open and clear and ask questions that do not leave a question mark in your mind. Unanswered questions may cause problems in the future or damage your brand image.

Ongoing engagement strategy

Always try to achieve high engagement and analyse how your customers reach you. Try to give personalised messages to build brand loyalty for you and your customers. Take care to provide multi-channel and equal participation instead of a single channel.

Also, keep in touch with your customers with interactive and dynamic content. Today, people pay attention to researching every piece of information, and you can produce different content to respond to this research and use them to reach your customers. Take advantage of feedback as you do this, get feedback on every strategy you make, and plan your next step using this data. Poltio can support you in learning how to collect consumer behaviour data that you can use to transform your business. Click here to discover more informative blogs and real-life case studies!

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